June 20, 2024
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You can win more often by playing these low volatility casino games

No matter if they are seasoned or new to gambling, the main goal of every gambler should be to win as often as possible.

It is important to manage your bankroll, and your winnings, in order to have a fun time and make some money.

It’s essential to understand the impact of volatility on casino games such as poker and slots on your chances of winning in order to continue having a positive gambling experience at real-money online casinos.

This article will cover:

  • Basics of slot volatility (including different types)
  • How to calculate volatility
  • How volatility and return-to-player (RTP), correlate and differ

We’ll be sharing some of our top low-volatility casino games at the end of the article. So make sure you read the entire article.

How to win at low-volatility casino games

Understanding volatility, how it is calculated and how volatility affects gameplay, RTP and other factors are key to winning at low-volatility casinos.

Let’s first discuss what volatility is in casino games, and the various levels or types of volatility 메리트카지노.

Basics of slot volatility

The volatility of a slot is the frequency that the game pays out. It also includes the average prize size. Extraneous volatility can pay out large prizes but only very rarely, while the best low-volatility slots will often pay out small prizes.

You should remember that every slot machine can have a hot streak or a cold streak. All machines pay out big and small prizes. The volatility index (VI), a measure of the average experience of all slot players, is used to determine how big winners are. Players with high VI coefficients will be able to win a lot of large prizes but will also have many losing sessions. Players with low VI coefficients will see fewer small winners.

One would divide the winning number of spins by a predetermined number to calculate the slot’s volatility. The machine’s volatility drops as more winning spins are made.

Take this example:

You can expect to win a lot of wins if you deposit $100 at the lowest-volatility slots casino and play 20 $5 games. These wins could range from $1 to $10. High volatility slots machines allow you to win $2500 every 200th spin, but pay $1000 for $5 spins.

PRO TIP: Remember that the average pay of a slot machine is the only factor that determines whether or not a player will play. The VI of a slot machine’s slot machine may change over time due to the fact that millions of spins can occur in a given slot machine’s lifetime.

How Slot Volatility Affects Players

You must take into account the percentages of return-to-player when analyzing how slot volatility affects players.

High VI ratings can result in a machine having a higher RTP percentage than machines with lower VI ratings. However, players will not feel the excitement and joy of winning constantly.

However, machines with low VI ratings will have lower RTPs due to the smaller payouts (but more often).

This is great for players’ bankrolls because they will be spinning. However, this is also great for casinos as they can pocket the difference between payout and bet.

If you play long enough on a low-low volatility slot machine, the casino will almost always win.

This may sound like an advantage over playing low-volatility slot machines, but they can help you lose less in short sessions and sometimes even pay out winning spins.

It’s important to emphasize that even a low VI rating, slots can still pay large amounts and machines with high VI ratings may still give out frequent, low-to-no-earning “wins”.

All that said, low-volatility slots are great for gamblers who don’t want to risk their entire bankroll.

Casino Games with Low Volatility

It can be difficult to determine the VI index of a machine that you want to play because casinos don’t usually post the volatility of their slots machines.

You’d normally be left searching Google for reliable sources that have calculated their VI indexes on various machines. We felt it took away the fun of these games. That’s why we listed some games with low volatility and frequent payouts.


Baccarat has one of the lowest-volatility casino games, provided you place the right bets.

Only three bets are available for Baccarat:

  • Tie-Bet
  • Handling of the Player
  • Banker Hand

The banker hand is the best bet, as it has 50.68% of the time the advantage. This is the only casino game where the player wins more than half the time.

These bets earn casinos a 5% commission if they win, but the house edge is still very low at 1.6%.

Tie-bets are best avoided due to their low chance of winning (just 9.53%), even though they have the highest payout amount.

Heads-Up Poker

Heads-up poker differs from regular poker like Texas hold’em or 5-card shuffle. Instead of being dealt to a table with many opponents, heads-up poker allows you to compete against one player in either a Sit-and-Go format (SNG), or a cash game.

Because any player has a 50% chance to beat your opponent in a SNG head-up game, we’ll be focusing on the SNG format.

You can win over 50% of the games if you are a skilled player.

SNG heads up poker is relatively low-volatility, but it’s important to have a good understanding of the rules and to have the ability to win.

Pai Gow Poker

Although this game is not as well-known as baccarat or heads-up poker, it’s worth mentioning on this list because of its low volatility.

Pai Gow Poker is a game where the player is dealt seven cards. They must make a five-card and two-card hands with the aim of beating the dealer.

If you beat the dealer on both of your hands, you win the wager. Pushes are awarded if you win only one hand and lose if both hands are lost.

Pai Gow has a 2.4% house advantage because casinos charge a 5% commission in order to keep their edge.

Playing low-volatility online casino games can help you win more often

Casino games with low volatility are a great way for you to have fun while gambling and protect your bankroll.

It’s important that you do your research about the VI of any game before you play it. However, remember that the house will always win with low VI games. So play responsibly.

Always remember to only play at reputable online casino sites and have fun.

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