June 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Most Gamblers Don’t View Gambling As A Problem

It is difficult to quit gambling, and it IS a problem. Just over four months ago, I was a problem gambler. But I stopped gambling and have since turned my life around. Although you may not agree with my views, it is because most gamblers don’t view gambling as a problem. Those who do ignore it and gamble all the time continue to live their lives.

Gambling is a wasteful of your time

Gambling is a wasteful of your time, and even more importantly, it’s a wasteful of your hard earned money. This is what you should remember. If you are suffering from a gambling problem, it is not a good idea to continue gambling. Denial will never work for you. It was always my excuse that gambling wasn’t a problem. I kept going back to get my money, thinking that I would stop playing. But, as you watch your bank account shrink, until it reaches zero, you realize that there is no way out. Yet, you still want to get your money back. These thoughts and feelings are not uncommon. If you are serious about quitting gambling, this is the number one tip to help you quit!

If you don’t have enough time after work, and have money, gambling is a great way to make some extra cash. Boredom is often the primary reason for this. This is how it works for me! I was a fisherman, and I had a good salary. I would get home early, have nothing to do, and then I’d go to the pub to gamble on video poker and slots. It was hard to stop winning a few times, which made it even more tempting to come back! It was a lot of times that I went back, until I was broke and had no money in my bank. It was all due to a gambling problem. Now that I was financially broke, it was the perfect time to recognize that gambling was a problem. It was taking my money away and causing me much stress and disappointment.

due to her gambling addiction

My partner was almost my last chance to leave me due to her gambling addiction so I needed to figure out how to end the problem. I didn’t have any money so I stopped thinking about gambling and started looking for ways to make money online. I was able to get my money back as well as learn a new skill. I discovered a marketing university online, and signed up for it to learn how to make money at home. This kept my mind occupied and away gambling. This marketing university online taught me a lot and inspired me to start my own affiliate programs. Within a matter of weeks, I was making great online money and regaining a lot of what I had lost.

Since I discovered internet marketing university, I have been able to overcome my gambling addiction and am now a successful internet marketer and home-based entrepreneur. My final piece of advice is to admit that gambling is causing problems in your life and stop gambling. Do what I did and go learn something new to occupy your mind. Once you have a place for yourself, you won’t ever want to gamble again.


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