June 20, 2024
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Double Ball Roulette – The Casino Table Game

Double Ball Roulette is a wheel with two balls, instead of one that rotates around the inner rim. You might be wondering how two balls can spin around the same track and not hit each other, or bounce off the table. To simultaneously shoot both balls from a tube, compressed air is used. This ensures that the second ball always trails the first one, eliminating the possibility of collisions. The air gun is activated by rotating a remote control button among the players. This ensures that the second ball always trails the first one, eliminating any chance of a collision.

Double Ball has the same betting structure as traditional Double Zero Roulette. However, the payouts are different in that there are two chances to win 엠카지노.

The outsidewagers will be (red, black and odd, even, etc. Bothballs must land at the selected betting spots. To win a bet on black, both the balls must land on black numbers. The payouts for winning outside wagers are now 3/1, instead of 1/1.

The insidewagers is a bet on numbers only. Both balls can win, but payouts are lower than traditional games. This is because there are now two chances per spin to win instead of one. A straight up bet on one number would return 17/1, instead of 35/1. The bet would return 35/1 if both balls land in the winning pocket.

If you have never played Roulette before I will explain the betting options and winning payout amounts.

Traditional Roulette: Within

Bet on the numbers starting at 0,00 and ending with 36 (38 total numbers)

  • 35/1 = One number (straight up).
  • One number (split) 17/1
  • Three numbers (street number) 11/1
  • Four numbers (corner) 8/1
  • Five numbers (basket), 6/1
  • Six numbers (line) 5/1

Double Ball Roulette: Within



  • Straight up, one number pays 17/1 if either of the balls lands on the chosen number. 35/1 if both of them do
  • Split two numbers (8/1 or 16/1)
  • Three numbers (street number) 5/1 or 10-1/
  • Four numbers (corner), 7/2 or 7/1
  • Five numbers (basket), 5/2 or 5/1
  • Six numbers (line) 2/1, 4/1

Traditional Roulette: Other


Place a bet on an area other than the numbers (twelve betting options)


  • Red, black, odd, even, pays 1/1
  • First eighteen, second eighteen, 1/1
  • Second twelve, first twelve, or third twelve. 2/1
  • 1/1

Double Ball Roulette: Other



  • Red, Black, odd, even, pays 3/1
  • One red, one schwarz, 1/1
  • First eighteen, second eighteen, 3/1
  • First twelve, second twelve and third twelve. 8/1
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd columns, 8/1

Remember, Both Balls Must To win your wagers, you must land on your chosen bet selections.


Double Ball Jackpot is a side bet. If you believe both balls will land on the same number, place the side bet to collect 1300/1. Lady luck is your friend.

Best of luck!

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