June 20, 2024
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Are You Looking For The Perfect Gift For A Poker Player

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a poker player or seasoned player? There are plenty of poker-related gifts that you can buy for someone you know who loves poker. These are my top picks for unique gifts for poker players.

  1. Poker Books: There are many books online and in the bookstore that poker lovers will enjoy, whether you’re looking for a beginner’s guide or one on improving your strategy.Here are some of the top-rated books from different sites:

– Internet Texas Hold-em by Matthew Hilger: Winning Strategies From an Internet Pro
– Harrington on Harrington Volume I: Strategic Play
– Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book by Phil Gordon
The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky
Lee Jones, 2nd edition.
Hold’Em Poker: Advanced Players (Advance Player). by David Sklansky
Larry Phillips: Zen and the Art of Poker: Timeless Secrets that Transform Your Game

  1. Poker chips: There are many options for poker chips, and they come at a wide range of prices.Ceramic or Clay poker chips are a great choice if you are looking for the perfect gift for a Poker enthusiast. Ceramic Poker Chips can be used as casino chips.

These chips have graphics that are part of the chip. Clay poker chips are quickly becoming the most preferred choice for chips. Clay poker chips have a distinct sound and feel. They are softer but more solid. They stack better than composite chips because they aren’t slippery. Paulson poker chips are distinctive in appearance and feel. These chips are casino-grade chips and are used in many casinos worldwide, such as Bally’s. You can also customize your chips by hot stamping, labeling or full-color chip graphics with your casino logo.

  1. Poker Chip Cases/Trays: There is a wide range of poker chips cases and trays available, from cheap plastic trays to extremely expensive sets.Most cases are made from acrylic, vinyl, aluminum or leather. Aluminum attache cases and acrylic are inexpensive options. However, if your poker player collects clay chips or has more valuable collectible chips you might want to invest in a higher quality case. There are many options for chip case sizes, with the capacity to hold anywhere from 100 up to 1000 chips. You can choose from a wide range of wood poker chip cases, as well as custom-made ones. You can store your poker chips in poker cases that include chip racks or trays. These can also be used to stack players’ chips at the table.
  2. A Poker Table: This is a great way to enhance your home gaming experience if you are serious about poker.There are many options available, from portable tables that can be placed on top of existing tables (like your dining room table), to dedicated Poker tables that cost hundreds of thousands to thousands.
  3. Dealer Button / Protectors for Cards: A Dealer Button is essential to play Texas Hold’Em Poker.This inexpensive tool can enhance your game. In Texas Hold’em, a dealer button can be used to identify the theoretical dealer for a particular hand of poker. The dealer buttons look like a large poker chip or hockey puck and the word “Dealer” is stamped, etched or engraved on either one or both. These buttons can be very elaborate and can cost as high as $100. You can buy a plastic dealer button for as little as a few dollars. Many poker chips sets include a button. You can also purchase “big blind” or “small blind” buttons.

Card protectors (or card guards) are usually large, unique poker chips or paraphernalia. They are placed on top your hole cards to “protect them” from being taken by another player or dealer. Poker card protectors are a unique gift. Custom protectors make them truly one-of-a kind.

  1. Card Shuffler: A card shuffler automatically shuffles one to two decks of cards into one.This is a great gift for budget-conscious shoppers as it’s very affordable ($10-25).
  2. Poker Video Games: Want to play some poker on your Playstation 3, Xbox, or Nintendo?These poker video games are great for gifting poker lovers and are easy to play. These are some of my favorites: World Championship Poker 2, World Poker Tour 2K6 and World Series of Poker.
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Sven Asnien, a poker enthusiast, is also a woodworker. He has created Oz Woodworking, a fine woodworking company where he makes unique, custom-made wooden poker chips cases and trays. Sven started his woodworking career by creating sets for theaters at Wooster College as well as for a touring theatrical group. Over the years, he perfected his woodworking skills, creating built-in bookcases, bookcases, and high-end finishing carpentry. Sven is a long-time recreational poker player and loves playing in Texas Hold-‘Em tournaments. See some of the woodworking products Sven created, as well as information on custom wooden poker chips cases and trays.


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