July 21, 2024
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Experience the Future of Gaming with Bitcoin: Decentralized, Secure and Fast Transactions Now Available in Online Gaming


Another coin on the Ethereum blockchain is the GTCoin. Game Tester runs it. This platform facilitates collaboration between game developers and players through, you guessed, testing games.

Here is the vision of GTCoin as it appears on its website.

Gamers can use GTCoin to purchase game titles, hardware, and in-game content. Gamers are known for being the first to adopt all things tech, and Crypto Currency is no exception. Gamers can easily test games on GameTester.co to earn GTCoins. The demand for GTCoin is increasing as the global game market grows from $ 108.9 billion in 2017 to $ 128.5 billion in 2020 (VentureBeat). Gamers often transact across borders, and cryptocurrency is the best way to make currency transactions without incurring ridiculous fees or waiting for currency exchange.

Game Tester users can assign GTKeys to specific games through blockchain.

These keys will restrict in-game playability and allow developers to focus on the features they are trying to test. They also limit the time the game can be played. The keys make it simple for players to purchase the games they have tested as soon as they are released.

The Game Tester platform will reward you for your time with GTCoins as a player. Regular engagement with the platform will give you “first” access and allow you to win prizes and rewards.

Developers can receive valuable feedback and build excitement for their game. They can also release their games confidently, knowing these factors are in place.

The Cons of GTCoin

GTCoin is suffering from the same problems as other cryptocurrencies. There’s no way for GTCoin to be successful or have any value.

GTCoins are worth fractions of cents, meaning the player’s appeal to testing games drops. Where’s the incentive?

However, if GTCoin succeeds, there will be strong arguments for both game developers and players to join their ranks.

How to Buy GTCoin

GTCoin’s current value is USD 1.10 at the time of writing.

After creating an account, you can buy coins using your GTCoin wallet. You can get volume or extra bonuses for GTCoin holders who HODL them.

HODL is a term that can be used to refer to holding your coins rather than selling them.

Game Credits

GameCredits is fearless in speaking up regarding its goals: GameCredits wants to be the universal, blockchain-based digital currency that can be used for video games.

GameCredits will offer players more value when they use their currency to purchase in-game items. Credits earned in one game can also be transferred to another.

GameCredits offers developers a 90% revenue margin through GPlay, its mobile gaming store. This is 20% more than the 70% of other stores in this industry.

Unity Technologies was their partner recently. They claim that Unity Technologies is the “world’s most popular game-development platform with 770,000,000 titles created using its engine”. They also boast that 340 top 1000 mobile games were made free of charge with Unity tools. The list also includes 180 of the most popular platforms.

This digital currency is a great partner for Unity.

The Cons of GameCredits

They are ambitious in their goal and have mentioned them many times. They aim to become the universal gaming currency.

What happens if they fail? What happens to the coin’s value?

GameCredits claims they aim for complete dominance in the videogame world, despite being subject to the same limitations as other currencies.

What might the conditions for losing be like?

How to Buy GameCredits

Game credits can be purchased through the G Wallet. The currency was worth USD 1.62 for each coin at the time of writing. In circulation were 64,355,352 GameCredit Coins.

You can also mine through the GShare BETA app if you so desire.


Crytek is helping to build Crycash currency. They have “already confirmed integration to the renowned bestsellers of Crytek, with additional partners to follow.”

Crycash’s concept is that gamers can earn currency by completing certain challenges within the game. Instead of being able to unlock an achievement for fulfilling certain in-game criteria, you will be rewarded with an actual currency that can be used for in-game purchases and more.

This will encourage gamers to play more games and hopefully lead to larger audiences for developers. Crycash, a free-to-play first-person shooter, will soon be integrated into Warface.

Crycash’s Cons

Crycash has the same drawbacks as other coins. It’s impossible to predict how it will perform, but the idea that players can be rewarded for completing in-game challenges is intriguing.

How to Buy Crycash
Crycash (CRC) can be purchased on sites such as YObit.net and LIVECOIN.net.

They are looking to expand their purchasing platform offerings (Binance and Okex) soon. ).

A Pocketful of Quarters

To show you the potential benefits of cryptocurrency, we included Pocketful Of Quarters.

The father and son founded the company. Their 12-year-old son is now the CEO. After frustrations over losing all his coins while playing video games, the son came up with the idea.

Quarters do not seek investors like other cryptos. Quarters can only be used for gaming purposes.

They are an ERC-20 coin and have more than 10 games. 100+ people use their for-games cryptocurrency.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: The Future of Video Games
It is hard to predict where this will lead. The cryptocurrency revolution is still in its infancy. It is very different than any other trading system that we have had to this point. It’s still being felt by many.

The clever ideas are just beginning.

We discussed mixed-world items and quests. These stories might get your brain churning with exciting Ready Player One possibility.

There are also ideas such as Decentraland. Decentraland refers to “a virtual world that is based on open standards.”

This virtual reality platform allows you to buy property. It uses the Ethereum blockchain for record-keeping.

Your virtual land can be used for anything.

You can purchase land through blockchain and have permanent, public ownership over your virtual plot. The world allows you to build up without any restrictions (that’s right, there are no zoning restrictions). ).

This is a very wild idea. It is hard to predict when or if this will become popular. Or how this immutable ownership could be transferred into other games like an MMORPG.

Imagine if players could purchase a shop in a video game for coins/tokens and then run the shop by selling their in-game assets. You could even sell assets to other bitcoin gaming – wtkr that accept the currency.

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